Adjustable 3D Printed Rifle Scope Level by MK Machining

Mk Machining has released a new adjustable 3D printed rifle scope level. Similar idea to the aluminum Vortex bubble scope level for the same price, this one has the added capability to adjust the actual level once it’s already installed on the scope. Also unlike Vortex, this level comes in two finishes and 3 colors, though by selecting a color option there is a $5 upcharge. If you’re not looking for the ability to adjust the bubble once it’s mounted, they’re promising a non-adjustable version “soon” for around half the price of the Vortex.

Adjustable 3D Printed Scope Level, by MK MachiningI’ve personally been using a bubble level for the past year or so and I’ve really come to like it. I typically shoot both eyes open even under heavy magnification, so it’s easy to just give that quick glance right before squeezing off a shot to ensure I’m as level as I can be. After all, at 1,000 yards, a single degree of cant in either direction would swing your round 5 inches to the left or right. Now imagine an 8-degree cant to the left. You’d swing a shot 40″ wide at 1,000 yards, which is enough to completely miss a 70″ target at that distance.

You may have heard of MK Machining recently as they’re working on a new drop-in Remington 700 bullpup chassis. The claims for the chassis are a full 10″ reduction in overall length, compatibility with AICS magazines and a negligible impact on trigger feel despite the linkages required  for the bullpup to function. We’ll have a more detailed report on the bullpup as soon as it’s available.

Check out MK Machining for the 3D Rifle Scope level, $30.95. Available in 1″, 30mm and 34mm.

For more information on the effects of canting your rifle on the point of impact, check out this excellent guide at


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