*Updated* Hornady Teases Major Breakthrough

Update: Hornady has released the information around their new bullet designs, as well as an explanation on what lead to these changes. Using Doppler radar rather than typical acoustic velocity testing, they were able to track the bullet through the entire flight path. They discovered, at high velocities, polymer bullet nose cones were deforming under the heat generated. They’ve now switched to a new high heat polymer, among other changes.  Check out more details from American Rifleman on this breakthrough.


Original Article:

Hornady has taken to YouTube to put out a trailer for a major development slated to be announced on 10/27/2015. While the video is sparse on details, there’s some interesting imagery that initially moves me into the assumption that this may be an announcement on a ballistics breakthrough of some sort. There’s already rampant speculation on what this might mean, most around bullet design, so Hornady owes their PR team a raise.

I’ve personally used a number of factory rounds, as well as bullet designs of Hornady in my own reloading. I’ve been very happy with everything I’ve used. In fact, I’ve got a thousand Hornady 68gr BTHP bullets sitting next to me that’s waiting for me to test out. If this is indeed a new breakthrough in bullet design, I’ll be right there at the front of the line throwing fists full of cash at whoever will take it.

Some of the more interesting ideas I’ve seen around the web: A bullet design with a ballistic coefficient greater than 1 (lol), a generational leap in performance similar to TMK vs SMK rounds, or a bullet with Berger style ballistic coefficient while providing reliable expansion for hunting and defense. The last one I’m personally less excited about, but could see how many shooters may change their preferred bullet design should that be the case.

We’ll find out for sure on the 27th, but Hornady sure loves this development. Maybe the breakthrough is finding the upper limit of hyperbole you can shove into a 1-minute clip?

Check it out below:

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