I’m not a huge fan of purchasing survival, firearm, or tactical magazines.  Every time I read through one I feel like I’m flipping through a catalog with the occasional helpful tidbit.  While Offgrid definitely has ads it is filled with awesome gear reviews and viewpoints.

There is a pretty regular pattern to the magazine’s format.  Several sections are revisited each month.  Not to say their content doesn’t change, because it surely does.  But you can almost always bank that you will find the same categories in every issue along with plenty of new content.

The Cover:  Do you ever get excited about the content of a magazine just from looking at the cover, only to be disappointed that the publisher relinquished a description of the cover to one sentence?   Not the case here.  The first section of Offgrid, just after the table of contents, is a 2-4 page spread detailing all the gear pictured on the cover.  This includes the Make & Model, MSRP, and manufacturers web page.  Rest assured, you will find that gadget that made you pick up the magazine in the first place.

Each month they also pick a category of survival or EDC items and do a  comparison.  This month it was rechargeable flashlights.  They do a pretty solid comparison between each item, give the pros and cons, list the price, and sometimes give a little more information if it’s from a not so common manufacturer.  What I do like is that they don’t rate them from best to worst; they just give you the information and let you choose between them.  I like this because there are so many good products out there and we could spend hours or days grilling over one vs the other.  But at the end of the day most of those products will do exactly what we want.  It really just boils down to that one small feature over the other.

Probably my favorite is the “What if?” category.  Each month three contributors will take a disaster situation involving a small group of people and describe how they would deal with it.  Each person puts their own spin on it so the situation will change ever so slightly from one contributor to the next.  What I like about this section is that as each contributor puts their spin on the story it gives you a different perspective on how things might go down.  One contributor might make the group go through a death in the party, one might have the group bug out.  Each month it’s different, and each month it really makes me consider how well I really am prepped.

Every article and gear review is written by people in the industry;  Instructors from survival schools, former and current military, professional law enforcement are all common contributors.  It’s not just Joe Snuffy with the tin foil hat.

Offgrid is released every other month.  I pick it up at the local Barnes & Noble, but you can subscribe to it annually, or find it on Amazons website.


Kevin is a long time adventurer, outdoorsman, IT professional, and soldier. Bringing a balance of both civilian and military shooting experience and has served in the Army National Guard for the past 7 years