Self-Defense Shooting in St. Louis

A man potentially saved his life with the use of a concealed firearm over the weekend in St. Louis. The man was attacked by an individual, who had been drinking in a park all day, because he thought the man was staring at his brother.


From StL Post-Dispatch:

As his other brother was picking him up, Carlton thought another man at the park was staring at his brother, according to police. Carlton threw a sweatshirt at the other man’s vehicle as he drove past. Carlton then got in his brother’s vehicle and told his brother to follow the other vehicle, police say.

The man in the other vehicle apparently did not know he was being followed, according to police. He stopped to let his dog out of the car, and Carlton approached. He had his sweatshirt wrapped around his hand and began yelling obscenities at the other man, according to police. Carlton leaned inside the other man’s vehicle. Police say the man feared for his safety and fired a shot at Carlton with his handgun, hitting him in the chest.


This is why we carry concealed. You never know when crazy will strike.


Jesse is a long time adventurer, entrepreneur, shooter and general technologist. Drawing knowledge for GS Kinetics through a long history in the private sector tech industry and as a Fire Fighter / EMT for more than 15 years.