Woman Shoots Idaho Husband in Self-defense

A woman in Spirit Lake, Idaho has killed her husband in a self-defense shooting. Police responded to a 911 call where they found two children and a woman, who had bruises consistent with self-defense wounds, had fled the scene. After searching the house, they found the 44-year-old husband dead inside the home.

Credit for the story goes to Krem.com

This is such an important aspect of self-defense with firearms, as woman are one of the fastest growing demographics of new gun ownership in the US. They’re also an at-risk population for violent crime. I’m glad this woman and her children are OK, and it is sad that their father lost his life, however, self-defense is a basic human right and it’s important that we recognize that this woman and her children are alive today because she had the ability to defend herself. Without her ability to own a gun, it’s unlikely she could have defended herself from the physically stronger man.



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